Bringing innovation to an old industry.



Insurance affects everyone’s livelihood. It’s only right that it gets better.

Before humanity had electricity, there was insurance. The demand for it never left us, it only grew. But there comes a time in every industry’s lifecycle for a change to be enacted. For innovation to set a precedent that shifts the tide for the next generation of business.

The US insurance industry alone produces more than $1 trillion of revenue a year and remains sturdy in the fiscal downturns. But where there is room for growth, there is room for opportunity. At Plug and Play, we believe that we can take this ancient industry into a new space. A modern and exciting frontier.

Through deep research in our successful Fintech, Retail, IoT, and Health verticals, we are pooling our resources into insurance innovation. Alongside our trusted partners, MunichRe and USAA, we are launching a 12-week program designed for early and growth stage startups.

Bespoke deal flow sessions, themed workshops, and face-to-face interaction will drive engagement between financial powerhouses and young upstarts. The goal? Build new revenue streams, bring traditional products to the modern market, and secure the livelihoods of people across the world.

Investment, mentorship, demo days, and the potential of pilot projects have rocketed startups to success in our other verticals and insurance will be no different. Join us and we’ll make a huge impact together.

We work with industry leading partners.

  • Insurance Accelerator Launch Event
    Insurance Accelerator Launch Event
  • Winter Summit 2016 Wrap Up: Insurance
    Winter Summit 2016 Wrap Up: Insurance

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