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We create win-win solutions that connect VCs and Angels
to the most exciting startup community.

We invest in teams with passion.

We invest in startups from a variety of stages, which gives us a wide field to look at. That’s why we spend countless time analyzing thousands of startups every year: we are in the business of finding the best opportunities.

We love to see startups succeed and that’s why we put a huge emphasis on passionate founders. We believe that they are the only ones with the imagination to make a startup successful.

We have over 180 VC partners and an even wider network of angels who we work with to fund great ideas. If you want access to our pool of amazing startups, be sure to get in touch.

“All in all, our time at Plug and Play was instrumental in getting Trulioo off the ground, and the staff continues to help make Trulioo a success.”

– Stephen Ufford
(CEO, Trulioo)

“Moving into Plug and Play Tech Center was one of the best decisions we made in the early days of the company.”

– Renaud Laplanche
(Founder & CEO of Lending Club)

“The biggest draw by far is the dense community of startups around you. You will not only be interacting with extremely passionate and intelligent entrepreneurs every day, but you will have a front-row seat as business models, marketing strategies, and the news stealth technologies succeed all around you.”

– Carter Cleveland
(Founder of Art.sy)

“Plug and Play folks made all the right introductions to the right people at the right time!

Just walking into the Plug and Play building fills you with entrepreneurial energy. Thanks, Plug and Play!”

– Alex Mehr
(Founder at Zoosk)

“Plug and Play really allows you to be part of a greater community and network with hundreds of startups. If your business is just starting out or you don’t want to invest fully in an office, then Plug and Play is the perfect place for you.”

– Adrian Nazari
(Founder & CEO, Credit Sesame)

“When I moved to Silicon Valley from Europe, I decided to set up shop at Plug and Play for Zong. I didn’t know anyone here, and the community helped accelerate our development and recruiting, gave us exposure through homegrown events, and enabled us to network efficiently with other startups. I highly recommend it to early stage startups!”

– David Marcus
(Ex-President of PayPal)

“Help more and more startups change the world!”

– Loic Le Meur
(Founder of Le Web)

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