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10 years ago, we came up with the idea of building an ecosystem that gave entrepreneurs the best possible chance to succeed.

Today, we run 12-week industry-specific programs throughout the year which produce unbelievable success stories every day.

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The most active venture capitalist in Silicon Valley.

By giving entrepreneurs a place to do their life’s best work, we get a chance to understand their company inside and out.

By working so closely, we can identify the best investment opportunities in the industry. We invest $25,000 to $500,000 into over 100 ground-breaking companies every single year.

We also pair the startups in our program to over 180 of the greatest VCs on Earth.

Your first major partners. Right on your doorstep.

Every single day, we host executives from our corporate partners who come to meet our amazing startups to pilot, license, and brainstorm.

This has given entrepreneurs in our programs their first paying customers and a huge boost for their future.

World-class mentors.

Great guidance is one of the crucial elements to startup success. That is why we built a world-class mentor network surrounding our startups.

Walking the halls of our campus are hundreds of successful entrepreneurs, executives, and academics to help you build a better company.

A place to call home.

When you join one of our accelerators you get more than just free desk space, you become part of a family. Our community of like-minded people come together at events every day and share a journey of success. If you are truly passionate about your startup, there is no better place to build your company.

best startup accelerator

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best startup accelerator

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At Plug and Play, we spend countless hours appraising over 8,000 startups every year. We do this because we are truly passionate about the ideas we hear – they excite every single one of us.

Hundreds of successful applicants have joined our programs and raise investment. To ensure your startup has the best chance, we have listed our criteria below.

1. Team

The most critical thing we look into is the quality of the team. We really like to see founders with deep experience in the field that they are disrupting. This includes an ability to demonstrate an impressive understanding of their competitive landscape.

All too often, a startup will try to raise money to fill holes in their team. We believe that the best startups cover all bases and then reinforce. If you have an engineer, a marketer, and a person handy with numbers, your application will make it to the top of our pile.

If a team has the technical expertise to execute their vision, they are ready to join a program and get investment. Full-time commitment to the startup is a must – we need to know that your team is fully dedicated.

2. Market

Understanding the market that you are entering is vital. We are much more likely to invest in a small fish in a big pond, than vice versa. It is, therefore, imperative to clearly prove that your solution is defensible and scalable. We want to see that you have taken the necessary steps to ensuring your product is difficult to replicate. We also want to see that you have understood the financial opportunity of your company and how it will increase in value over time.

Coupled with experience in the field, you should also have memorized a list of key facts and figures. These should include: addressable market size, your company growth metrics, and competitor traction. If you can prove a good product-market fit through traction – great. If you are pre-traction, it is always best to have a workable demo to inspire faith in the idea.

3. Presentation

The final piece to the puzzle is your ability to pitch your company. We don’t just like passionate founders, we love them. If you can convey your idea with passion, grace, and confidence, your chances of being accepted are high. We want to see well rehearsed pitches with cleanly designed presentations. If you have a pitch video, even better, but ensure that it doesn’t creep over the two minute mark.

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