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Platforms of opportunity.

Our platforms run 12-week programs hosted in Silicon Valley. 25-30 startups in each vertical will work on developing technologies that define their sector.

From wearables to point-of-sales tools, the startups accepted into the platforms are collectively selected by us, our corporate partners, and industry experts.

Internet of Things

Our Internet of Things platform allows forward-thinking corporations, VCs and startups to collaborate.

The results from the 12 weeks include; pilots, investments, licensing, and powerful technology.

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Fintech & Security

We’ve created an ecosystem of financial and security companies – from corporations, to early-stage startups.

Everyone within our ecosystem is influencing the financial services industry of today.

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Brand & Retail

A platform of innovation that connects brands, retailers, and CPGs to new technology in the retail industry.

With partners ranging from Target to Procter & Gamble.

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Media & Mobile

A wise woman said; if your strategy is mobile, it is ready for today.

That is why our platform connects media corporations to startups who shape our modern, media and mobile landscape.

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A platform to find the most advanced, user friendly, and progressive health technology fresh from Silicon Valley.

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Travel & Hospitality

An innovation platform to discover, support, and scale disruptive technologies that have the potential to positively impact the way we all travel in the future.

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New Materials & Packaging

Our mission is to find the most innovative ideas in the field of materials.

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Insurance affects everyone’s livelihood. It’s only right that it gets better.

Join us as we find the most innovative and disruptive technology in the industry.

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The mobility industry has always been, and will always be, rooted in innovation and with advancements moving the needle every day, a new era beckons…

Join us as we reinvent the wheel.

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Food & Beverage

We’re from Silicon Valley, California. We love farm-to-table, we love our avocados, and we hate the drought.

Join us as we shape the future of food.

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